Search by Proxy Part 3 (The Messenger)

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The rain and coming storm urged us to quickly scan a few more areas just to make sure that we felt thorough and complete in this location. We discovered a wide variety of mushrooms and beautiful bird feathers.

Amanita Muscaria Mycelium Warning!!! Dangerous Beauty!

Amanita Muscaria Mycelium
Warning!!! Dangerous Beauty!

Just as we were wrapping up our search in this area, suddenly, with a soft swoosh sound, something braised my right shoulder. Lifting my head, I saw the most beautiful little magical bright yellow/orange colored bird with black tip wings and cherry cheeks. She landed in the tall bush right in front of me and boldly sat there sweetly with confidence  and gazed long at me.

She then flew to a nearby tree, fearless and curious gazing more, capturing my attention and holding me in suspension. The tingling of magic surged throughout my entire body as I felt this tiny wild creature communicating the blessings of peace, joy and freedom. She came as a Messenger from the Heavens. Quality moments such as this are just some of the many rich gifts and treasures found along the way in the journey of searching for the treasure, allowing one to stand still in a space where time does not exist.

To be Continued…..


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