Wild KatKATYA LUCE has dipped her fingers and toes into a multitude of projects, careers, hobbies, and oceans, both Atlantic and Pacific. Having lived in Miami and Maui, and now with roots in New Mexico, this Renaissance woman has been an underwater model swimming with whales and dolphins, a jewelry artist, a singer/songwriter, a yoga instructor, a cabin attendant for private jets, a hot air balloonist, and even has run Craft Services for the entertainment industry in Hawaii. She also is a mother and grandmother; roles in which she finds herself widely beaming.

Katya is a radiant lover of adventure. After learning of Forrest Fenn’s treasure while in New Mexico back in 2013, Katya was fueled by an impossible fire. She returned to her home in Maui, packed her bags and relocated to Taos, NM.

Katya is one of the foremost experts and treasure seekers of Fenn’s fortune, having set out on nearly seventy hunts. Initially going it alone, much to Fenn’s concern and dismay (he has worried for her safety), she now often searches with companion Bill Curry. She has been approached multiple times by various production companies for exclusive rights to her quests, but hasn’t felt the right fit. Continuing to be very selective, at this time she is in a work under development, a full-length documentary by Moxie Films. She also will be featured in a segment of Expeditions Unknown on the Travel Channel. She grants interviews and has done press in various magazines and newspapers as well.

At first, coming from Maui, she didn’t even have a pair of hiking boots; however, she now has amassed all of the gear necessary to trek in the rough and sometimes dangerous terrain of the Rocky Mountains across four states: New Mexico, Wyoming, Colorado, and Montana. She has come face-to-face with a mountain lion and a large diamondback rattler, as well as a lightning bolt which struck ground within seventy feet of her. She carries a walking stick both to aid in her jaunts as well as for protection along with bear spray, bells, and a knife. She dresses in layers and is rarely without a hat, first-aid, snacks and plenty of water.

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