Filming Search Documentary with Moxie Film (Search One)

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Filming Search Documentary with Moxie Film  (Search One)

Back in December of 2013, I was contacted by Moxie Films Producer/Director Tomas Lech. He told me that he was making a full feature length documentary film on Forrest Fenn and would follow a few searchers. He asked if I would share my searches with him and allow him to film me searching for the Treasure. At first I thought, shall I really take him to where I believe the Treasure could be and reveal my solves to the world? Then I thought, what if I DO find the treasure while filming the documentary! How cool would that be?!

What began as what I understood to be a one time few day search, has since evolved to four rounds of Tomas traveling from England to U.S. to continue his film project. We’ve spent many days in various locations filming me on the search with my ‘solves’.

I had just moved from Hawaii to the Wild West in pursuit of Forrest Fenn’s treasure and still was not settled in to my own place as of yet, nor did I have my own car. I basically moved out to the high desert plains with suitcases of clothes, a stack of Forrest Fenn table books, (including The Thrill of the Chase and Too Far to Walk) Island clothes, garden boots, a light down sweater, a groovy hat a cool friend gifted me for my Birthday,  bear spray and a metal detector. I left my dear friends, snorkel gear, sarongs and the gentle Island life I once knew back on Maui and started my new life amongst the rich culture of Cowboys, Indians, Spanish, Artists and world class Green Chile here in Taos with a prayer and intention to find the treasure.

The film project began on a chilly late April morning. We met at the Old Taos Inn, a historical hotel, restaurant, bar in the heart of Taos. I had a new friend drive me to meet up with Tomas and his film crew. They followed us from Taos to Angel Fire then on to Eagle’s Nest. We began the first search across from the Eagle’s Nest Dam. We searched several areas along the Cimmarron River and down the Canyon to the Perryville area. It is there that the river runs in a shape of a “double omega”. Perryville was named after Mr.Perry who was a blacksmith for the entire Morreno Valley area around 1880. And of course, the connection with the blacksmith is horseshoes. Perryville is now a total Ghost Towne, connecting with the hint of Ghost Towne’s related to Forrest”s Old Biddies Story, “leading to zero population”. Forrest also mentions how to make a horseshoe in TTOTC book and horseshoes are again brought up in his other book TFTW.

After searching the Perryville area, we went further down the canyon looking for the Horseshoe Mine Cave. Finding that cave took me several trips. It invisibly hides, then suddenly appears at a certain angle. Up and down, up and down that canyon I went for months searching areas where I found many spots that match the ‘hints’, or what I calculated as hints, that held so much promise, including a lone gravesite in the woods. I found “blazes” on trees that had been struck by lightening, connecting Forrest’s Lewis and Clark story, getting lost on his horse “Lightening”. And so on… the hints kept coming, inspiring me to search even harder in that area. The final scene for that search ended in the Horseshoe Cave. A once upon a time Mining Cave Tunnel that went a distance underground. Now capped off, the tunnel goes back aprox 40 feet. A great historical place to hide out and curl up with a treasure and rest one’s bones forever. However, it gets hit up now and then with distasteful graffiti artists.

It was several months later that Tomas returned, and returned, and returned once again.

To be continued….





  1. Lyndella
    February 8, 2016

    Hello Kat,

    From one fellow adventure seeker and treasure chaser to another…Congratulations and good luck on your endevoures. You seem like an awesome gal.

    Thomas and I also spoke many time, of filming my husband and I search for Forrests box of goodies just outside Taos. We believe our solve is unique and highly plausable. So much so, that we have traveled twice from our home in Alaska to lay our own eyes on the ever elusive ” blaze “. Obviously much to our shagrin….it is still a mystery. But as Arnold says…”I’ll be back !”

    We have however, found more treasures in the Chase than ever expected and will continue to enjoy the smell of the sun, as we hope you do as well.

    Can’t wait to read your next installment of your story and to see the film itself. Any details on release date etc. Sometimes, living so far iaway in the woods, I miss the news blurps.

    Also, thanks for recently sharing info regarding the search for Randy. Those of us who live so far away wish we could have helped with boots on the ground. It is comforting to know how many of the search community came together when one of our own was lost.

    Enough for now,
    Till next ime

    From Alaska,

    • wildkat007
      February 11, 2016

      I haven’t heard any updates on the release of Tomas’s film as of yet. I’m sure he’s still buried in the editing process, as he took miles and miles of footage over the two years of documenting the Chase.


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