Filming Documentary with UK Moxie Film Production (Search Two)

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Filming Documentary with UK Moxie Film Production (Search Two)


It was early September when Thomas returned to New Mexico from London to continue filming the Treasure Search Documentary. This time the crew was smaller and he had a new assistant from Montana. After combing through the entire Cimmarron State Park area from Eagle’s Nest to Cimmarron, turning over every leaf and rock, exploring every Cave and Tunnel possible, I decided to move on to new territories and broaden my search. At least I know where the Treasure is NOT!


Cache in Tree

Cache in Tree

Being that Forrest was fascinated by archeological finds and the culture of Native Americans, I was drawn to the sacred area of El Salto Mountain. I had scouted that area once before and found a small cache in a tree. Just off the trail, I also found  other unique artistic expressions displayed with rocks and sticks and a medicine wheel. My favorite find was a pristine feather from a Night Hawk.

Medicine Wheel

Medicine Wheel

My WWWH (where warm waters halt) was the multitude of quieted pools above the waterfall that cascade down over the cave behind it. We took some time to explore the cave and the surrounding areas. After covering this area with thoughtful discussion and deep consideration, it was decided for many reasons that the treasure is not awaiting our discovery there.

After burning a lot of energy in our previous search, we stopped in Arroyo Seco at the Brown Cow for a yummy lunch break. Over Tomas’s veggie melt, his assistant’s BLT and my salad, we discussed the next plan to move on to another entirely different area that I had intensely researched…

On the Search

Overlooking Rio Grande Gorge

The very rustic rift of the Rio Grande Taos Gorge is an epic view and daunting at times for its intense drop in altitude and rugged rocks. There is much wildlife there, big horn sheep, wild cats, snakes, coyote, eagles, hawks and ravens. Of course, its abundant with historical past. The weather in that Canyon can be very intense… always come prepared.

Bighorn Sheep

Bighorn Sheep

I showed Tomas my solve of WWWH and “Took it in the Canyon Down”…. Definitely “No Place for the Meek” as the dramatic drop can send any Vertigo tendency person over the edge. Then we “Put in Below the Home of Brown”. All the clues from the Poem were falling right in to place perfectly. Okay, next we came to “The End is Ever Drawing Nigh” part and certainly full-filled the definition of “There’ll be no Paddle Up Your Creek, Just Heavy Loads and Water High”… perfect! Got that! The giant boulders in the creek would not allow any boat to navigate in this creek and the strong rushing levels of the water prove that part of the clue. Now, for the Blaze Thing….

Discovering the Blaze

Discovering the Blaze with Tomas

Walking, searching, looking, analyzing, more walking and searching…. Ah Ha! The Blaze!!! Perfect Indiana Jones Blaze! Look! See where the high ridge is on the West?! Look at the tumbled rocks and that area where it makes a perfect window! Many times, Forrest’s stories mention a window. Look where the sun is positioned… there is a small period of time where the setting sun falls behind this window, casting a long ray of light…. BLAZE upon the land! Let’s look around here…. I looked and looked and looked. There’s so many hidey holes there! Soooo many! More looking. And more…

We ended that episode there at the perfect Blaze without finding the Treasure. Yet….

To be continued…



  1. Lyndella
    February 8, 2016

    Ha…what a fun read !

    We know that meadow very well !!

    The medicine wheel has been there for so many and I believe has very special meanings to many of the locals.

    We also found the little glass jar of toys and trinkets in the tree. This fun cache was placed prior to our arrival there as well. Did you see on the magazine page….I wrote on it with the tiny pencil….”Living the Chase”
    if I remember correctly)

    Now, I wonder how is OUR ROCK MAN doing ?

    My friend ” Built ” RockMan in late April of 2015 very near both of these photos you posted. Is he still in tact ?

    All this to say….what a spectacular area to live, learn and care about. One of my favorite places on the planet.

    Keep up the adventures and Live the Chase !!

    From Alaska,
    Lyndella Sings

    • wildkat007
      February 11, 2016

      Hello Lyndella! Thanks for your comments. Not sure “Rock Man” is still in tact. The meadow is magical indeed!
      Living and Loving the adventures of the Chase! Katya

  2. Lyndella
    February 8, 2016



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