Day One Filming with “Expedition Unknown”…

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Well, now that the show has aired, I can finally talk about the fun time filming with Josh Gates and his wonderful crew from “Expedition Unknown”… After our disappointing outcome scouting  the epic Gunnison Gorge and Canyon area in Colorado, with the BLM refusing us permission to film, we decided to go with Plan “B”… […]

Search and Interview with Sole

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Search and Interview with Sole

Recently, I got another media related email. This time, it was from a young freelance journalist based in San Francisco, working on a story for Jyllands-Posten, Denmark’s largest National Newspaper. The story is based on the Forrest Fenn Treasure, the Thrill of the Chase and Searchers. I was requested to be interviewed and followed on […]

Search by Proxy Part 4 (Its a Wrap!)

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Just as we were beginning to leave the lake, Billy noticed that the light colored earth near the sunken boat was actually a result of an earthen dam. Well, this was definitely the deal breaker for sure because Forrest Fenn announced to the public that the treasure is not associated with a manmade structure. Earthen […]

Search by Proxy Part One (Prep day)

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It was only a few months after I began my journey on the Thrill of the Chase, when my phone began ringing and surprise emails came in with requests to interview me for TV Reality Shows, publications and participation in Film Documentaries, and most recently,  requests to either join, partner up with or search others […]

Searcher Siesta

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What a long day! We started out bright and early, eager to adventure out to our new exciting location in Northern New Mexico. After 3 hours of driving, we knew we were very close to our destination, however, we were having a very difficult time honing in on the exact area and trailhead. There were […]

Happy Boots on the Ground

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After many searches that followed the clues in a method I developed from the beginning of my search, I decided to explore a different twist on my solves to match the clues. I am discovering new territory and getting excited about the possibilities. Somewhere North of Santa Fe…

Pondering . . . Where is the Treasure?

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Deep contemplation, I have a brilliant new method to my solves, I know I am close, however, not close enough! Somewhere North of Santa Fe . . .

Water High

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Searching in late Summer lite

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Searching in late Summer Lite, somewhere North of Santa Fe  . . .